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    Chicago Opera Playhouse Presents: Knightly News from Hannah Goering on Vimeo.

    Singing at St. Francis Hospital as Peoria Symphony Orchestra’s Outreach Artist of the Year.

    Promoting Voice Band App with Jessie J’s song, Pricetag.

    Enjoy this five minute condensed version of my opera companies performance of Goldilocks and the Three Bears!

    This performance was held at the United Presbyterian Church of Peoria.

    My friend, Matt Werner, co-created the music app, Voice Band for the IPhone. In just two weeks, it climbed the charts to the TOP 10 apps in the US & it’s #1 in Japan. This music application allows you to sing into the IPhone the parts of different instruments and then to record on top of each element so that you can create an entire song just using your voice.

    They asked me to be video-taped for www.youtube.com to show the public how to use Voice Band. The process actually took us awhile, but now that I know how to use the application it’s fun and easy! Once you record one instrumental level you can either delete it or try again, but then you can’t go back and fix any mistakes. The challenge for me was lining up with the metronome as there is a slight delay, so it’s a bit tricky to manage the rhythm.

    I sang the role of Ellen in Lakme with Union Avenue Opera in St. Louis August 2009. Check out the directors interview and excerpts from the opera! Fast forward to 2’40 to see me on stage left.