• Chicago Classical Music

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    November 17th, 2011, Chicago Opera Play House just got a featured blog on the website for Chicago Classical Music. Check it out! Chicago Classical Music

    My Boyfriend, John, woke up this morning with Cinderhood stuck in his head, “Get me to the Ball, so I can see if that might be where I belong” Cinderella sings this song with her Beautiful Fairy Godmother and Fairy Boys, as back-up singers and dancers.

  • Cinderhood on Tour

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    Chicago Opera Play House performed a wonderful musical, Cinderhood at Hampton and Dewitt Clinton Elementary School on Oct 24th & 26th. This touring children’s opera company was founded in 2005 by Linden Christ, who is the Manager of Education and Outreach for Chicago Opera Theater (COT). COT teaching artists taught 8 measures to the Opera For All students to sing during the performance, “It’s a mixed-up, turned around, jumbled, inside-out story; a jumbled, inside-out, mixed-up, turned around tale.” The students loved performing their bit for their peers at the In-School performance. COT’s teaching artist, Adam Busch, wrote the musical and toured it around New York, he also played the piano for our school performances.

    COT teaching artist Kimberly Chin played multiple roles as Little Red Riding Hood, Wicked-Step Mother, and Fairy Godmother. And COT teaching artist Linden Christ played the roles of Cinderella, the Queen, and Little Red’s Mother. The students were inspired seeing their opera teaching artists perform for them.

    After the performance, Chicago Opera Play House held a Question and Answer session in which many of the students were curious about Adam’s role of creating the mixed-up story about Cinderella and Little Red Riding Hood. Some older students wanted to know whatever happened in the end to the wolf and the wicked-step mother.

    COT’s third Opera For All School, Reilly Elementary School will have their In-School performance of Cinderhood on Friday, December 2nd at Noon.