• Woodford Times News

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    Woodford Times

    Woodford Times

    Check out some wonderful pictures from the summer, singing with the Peoria Municipal Band at Kellehers. The photos and article were done by News Editor of Woodford Times, DeWayne Bartels.

  • Goldilocks and the Three Bears at Rumble Arts Center

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    Goldilocks and the Three Bears

    Goldilocks and the Three Bears

    Chicago Opera Play House will be performing Goldilocks and the Three Bears at the Rumble Arts Center on Saturday, September 10th at 2pm. I hope you are able to attend this special 45 minute performance!

  • Music at the Library

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    La Strada

    La Strada

    Music at the Library
    Date: Friday, September 2, 2011

    Time: 12:15 pm

    Harold Washington Library Center
    Cindy Pritzker Auditorium
    400 S. State Street

    About this event:
    Works by a pair of legendary motion picture composers, Bernard Herrmann and Nino Rota, both born 100 years ago, will be performed by Steve Heliotes, piano, and Linden Christ, soprano. Herrmann (1911-1975), an American, collaborated most famously with film director Alfred Hitchcock on ‘Psycho,’ ‘North By Northwest,’ ‘The Man Who Knew Too Much,’ and ‘Vertigo.’ Nina Rota (1911-1979), an Italian, was best-known for his scores to films by directors Federico Fellini and Luchino Visconti, as well as the first two movies of Francis Ford Coppola’s ‘Godfather’ trilogy. Selections from ‘La Strada’ & ‘La Dolce Vita’ will be performed by Steve Heliotes and Linden Christ.

    Music Information Center
    Phone: 312-747-4850